Join Me - Take Cindy Liu's Dare!

I took the dare! How about you?

Children’s book author of Paris Pan, Cindy Liu, is also a third grade elementary school teacher for a Title I school in Oklahoma City. Through her blog she has reached out and asked as many as possible to: “Take the Dare - Show You Care.” Mail new or gently used books for grades K-5 to the Tulakes Elementary School, a school located in a high poverty area.

Today I shipped off my box of books. I have to admit, picking through my library for books to part with was tougher than I thought. I might want to read this one or that for the fifth time, after all. But, of course, I knew the kids needed adventure, magic, and friends of there own to love and cherish.

So I dare you to join me. Visit Cindy Liu, and see how you can help. If you don’t have any books to send, then check out Cindy's Double Dare and Triple Dog Dare.


  1. Nice idea! Thanks for the heads up on Cynthia's project.

  2. thanks for doing this - i was in the auction and her school was so excited to get everything!

  3. Glad to hear it, and thanks for stopping by.


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