About Me

I live in Connecticut with my teen daughter and son, my husband, and my mischievous dog named Luna-tic. I write middle-grade and young adult fiction and am currently seeking representation.

I am grateful to have attended many SCBWI conferences in New England, Seattle, Ohio as well as The Vermont College's Writing Novels for Young People Retreat (twice), and Whispering Pines Writer's Retreat (four times). I have been a member of my local Shoreline SCBWI group and smaller critique groups (in person and online) for over ten years. One of the many things I love about writing - no matter how many years I've been at it there's always something new to be learned. I live in constant search for that next "aha" moment.

I grew up in New York, but my Great Aunt's country house in Connecticut was home. As an only child I couldn't wait to spend barefoot summer months with my cousins, building forts, river-tubing, telling stories by the fire, playing charades and freeze tag, putting on plays and creating imaginary worlds where anything is possible.

I credit my mother for my love of books, sense of adventure, vivid imagination, and for teaching me to persevere. She died before my writing journey began, but I believe her spirit remains with me wherever I go.

My love of story is in my blood. My Great Aunt, Annie Laurie Williams and her husband, Maurice Crain, were both Literary Agent. My aunt sold Gone With the Wind to the movies and my uncle represented Nell Harper Lee. What I wouldn't give to be able to talk to them now, (aybe there's a book idea in there, hmmm).

Email: PaulaKayMac (at) comcast (dot) net

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