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New Voices in Children's Literature: Tassy Walden Awards

On May 4th the Shoreline Arts Alliance (a Connecticut group) announced the winners of the New Voices in Children's Literature: Tassy Walden Awards.

"This annual competition presented by the Shoreline Arts Alliance encourages and nurtures the creation and publication of exceptional quality books for children by unpublished Connecticut writers and illustrators."
Faith Elizabeth Hough

Our very own Faith Elizabeth Hough, who was the first writer I interviewed for my Writer Spotlight, received an Honorable Mention for her YA historical fiction THE WITHERING VINE!!!! Check out her interview and pitch here and visit her blog to say congrats! WHOOOHOOO, keep up the faith, Faith!!!
But wait, that's not all.

Betsy Devany
 Tomorrow Betsy Devany will step into the Writer Spotlight right here on Write Now!!! AND, Betsy won the Tassy Walden Award for her MG manuscript, SAVANNAH'S MOUNTAIN. BIG congrats!!! SO exciting when one of our own gets recognized for their hard work and their wonderful stories. Come by tomorrow to read all about Betsy, about Savannah's story, and about her writing journey so far.  
Betsy, Faith, and I (along with a few other uber awesome writers) were in a critique group together for about a year. I've had the opportunity to read not just the works they were honored for, but many of their other WIPs. Both are great writers and an inspiration. I'm so happy and excited for them (if you coudln't tell)!!
On May 18th I will attend the award ceremony in support of their accomplishment, so look for pictures.
Little steps everyone. Each one counts. Seriously. Keep writing, keep learning, keep querying!!!
To read about the other awesome winners and about the Tassy click here.


  1. Thanks, Paula!!
    Believing in your work is essential. I always tell people I am working for my characters; writing their story the way it needs to be written, and then helping to get it out into the world.
    Staying focused on that goal is what keeps me going, and allows rejections to roll off my back.
    P. S. I am anxiously waiting for the day when you can share your own good news. It will happen, this I believe!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and the inpiration, Betsy.

  3. Thank you, Paula! Your amazing critiquing skills deserve part of the honor, you know. :) You really helped me shape the story into what it is.

  4. Aw shucks, Faith, nice of you to say, but the lyrical writing is all you.

  5. That's so awesome! Can't wait for the interview though I may have to read in Wednesday. I have to set up the Academic Society reception for my daughter's school right after work tomorrow.


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