Wednesday's Random Funnies

If you're like me by the time you make it to Wednesday you need a smile to get you up that hill and over to Thursday, which is just before Friday, and heck that's practically the weekend.

Every Wednesday my gift to you will be a smile (and maybe even a chuckle if I'm lucky). Here goes.

Okay, so last Thursday I'm searching for something funny to post and found these quotes on the Innocent English site. Maybe I was just slap-happy after watching MOBBED. Did anyone see that show last week? Hilarious!! Anyway, I'm cracking up, like hysterically laughing tears and all. My husband was upstairs sleeping (did I mention it was two in the morning?) and comes down all squinty eyed, takes one look at me by myself with my computer, shakes his head and goes back to bed. Here's some of what had me laughing.

Since there have been lots of posts lately on songs writers listen to while they write I thought these English song lyric mistakes would be timely. Do you think you could write to this song? 

Below is from Innocent English:

Funny English Mistakes From around the World, By

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Funny mistakes are from new English students. If you have ever tried to learn a new language, you know how hard it can be! We will all make many, many mistakes, and some will sound a little funny to native speakers. That's OK- It's part of learning. And a good sense of humor can help us have a good attitude and enjoy ourselves while we learn. So, enjoy these actual funny mistakes from students I have taught.

A Funny Love Song - Compiled from lyrics of love songs translated - into English by ESL students:

From morning’s glaring sun to the smelly afternoon,
You are always inside my lonely brain.

I hope we meet in an accident very soon.
My heart will not stop hemorrhaging for you.

The night you squeezed me I visited heaven.
Your love flies me swiftly into a mountain.
You make my heart sour.

One day, you will startle yourself and say “oh no!
Why did I walk the opposite direction of him?
Like the fishes need the ocean beach, I need you.

When you kiss me, you make my blood evaporate.
Your lovely, unwrinkly skin requests my attention

You will always be my lemon moon ray lover.

Have a great day everyone!!

BTW, I give SO much credit to those who study and learn another language. Honestly, I'm not sure I could do it. But if I did, I sure would hope my mistakes would bring a smile to someone else, too.


  1. My heart will not stop hemorrhaging for you? Have to love it. Or hate it. No in-between!

    Like the fishes need the ocean beach, I need you. (I can see that girl is into destructive relationships! LOL.)

    Have a laughter-filled day, Roland

  2. Thanks for making me smile! If only my cats were still that little.

  3. Glad you both smiled : )

    Betsy, I know, aren't thos kitties so freaking cute!! Mine never smiled like that, though : )


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