I didn't just love Gizelle's Bucket List, My Life with a Very Large Dog because I'm super proud of my niece, Lauren Fern Watt, the author - but because she's a super, awesome writer. Her book has so much heart and brought me back to the days in my twenties when the future was uncertain and exciting. And of course Gizelle won me over in the first chapter. The book comes out March 7th. Go get a copy on Amazon, click here to order. 

To learn more about Lauren's journey to publication (which is the stuff fairy tales are made of) click here. To learn more about the cause close to both of our hearts and a big part of Lauren's story, Shatterproof, "a nonprofit dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families," click here

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Gizelle’s Bucket List, My Life with a Very Large Dog is a beautiful, heartwarming, and heart wrenching story about love, self-discovery, and acceptance—acceptance of the things in life we are powerless to change. Written with just the right amount of humor I found myself both laughing and crying. Lauren Fern Watt did an amazing job of paralleling the two big things in her life that were out of her control: the impending death of her beloved dog, Gizelle, and her mother’s up and down fight with addiction. The love the author has for both Mom and pup pours from every page. Her raw and honest accounts made me feel like I was right there with her dancing on Swamp Thang in Rio, picking up colossal dog poo on the streets of NYC, or anxiously awaiting her mom’s visit. This book has me rethinking, in a good way, how we (I) love others, and of course makes me want to go snuggle with my own (little) dog. Readers of any age will love Gizelle’s Bucket List. This book will entertain, inspire, and warm your heart.

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