Quotes That Take Flight

There's no quote more precious and smile worthy as those uttered from the mouth's of babes, especially our own  : )

While cleaning my home office I came across a forgotten journal. Inside were noteworthy quotes from my children. This one from my son,  then three, now ten (sniff), I thought I'd share.

My son woke up one morning and raced into my bedroom all excited, "Mom! Mom! I just saw you flying under the moon!"    

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes "Awesome, did I have wings?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't say I wore a pointed black hat and straddled a broom.

His brows scrunched as he tried to remember. "No, " he said. "But next time, take me with you."

And I realized that right there, as children's writers, is what we all hope for, to take the readers flying through our worlds, our stories. Weeeeeee! 

See? Magic really does exist.

Happy flying!!


  1. Awesome quote and memory to cherish. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Your son's quote makes me want to fly over the moon, too. I think great books do that - carry me to worlds of impossible possibilities, so that I am always living just on the other side of the door, waiting for my Wonka golden ticket, for my Hogwarts letter in emerald ink, for the rabbit hole.

  3. :)
    When my sister was little, she cried and cried one day, begging for the moon. When my parents explained that it was stuck up in the sky and no one could get it down, she pouted and--with complete confidence--said, "Daddy can."
    I think one of the reasons it's such fun to write for kids is that they still have that "faith that can move mountains." Or fly them to the moon.

  4. It's so sweet that you have a journal of your kids' quotes! That's an awesome one, Paula. Magical!


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