September Giveaways and Posts

Earthquakes and hurricanes and floods, oh my!!

What a crazy week and a half. First the ground shakes, which NEVER happens on this side of the world. Then Irene comes to visits uninvited, waaay overstays, and leaves a terrible mess behind.

Our power returned just this morning (to my ten-year-old son's disappointment, he enjoyed the adventure), however, still no Internet or phone use. UGH!! 

But let's move on . . . It's September!! And September promises to be a great month at Write Now.

Why you ask? Here’s why:

  • Kiki Hamilton's debut novel, THE FAERIE RING, will release on September 27. In honor of this much awaited event I’ll be posting an interview with Kiki as well as hosting giveaways throughout September because—her book IS that good.

  • More Writer Spotlights are coming! Thanks to WriteOnCon I connected with a number of uber awesome writers who will step into the spotlight. Yay!! Next up is Dianne Gardner who will share her YA fantasy, IAN'S REALM: DECEPTION PEAK, with us and her artwork. Be sure to stop by next Tuesday, Sept 6 to meet Dianne.

  • Also, I recently stumbled upon a writer networking site called, The write-brained Network and will have Ricki Schultz here, the founder of the site, to tell us a bit more about it. They’re offering lots of great things to their members this month. Definitely worth checking it out.

  • Last, just for fun, I will post two or three openings to my YA paranormal thriller, UNTIL DEATH, and will let you vote for your favorite.

Soooo, stay tuned.
 Okay, go write—NOW!   : )  please


  1. Yay! Sounds like September is going to be a crazy fun month. :) And I'm so glad your power is back!! Ours was back yesterday, and while I agree with your son that going electricity-less is an adventure--not having a hot shower every morning...not so much. ;)

  2. Sounds like an awesome September.

    I loved Kiki's book too and am going to interview her the end of this month.

  3. Thanks so much for this fun interview, Paula. What a nice article!

  4. Exciting stuff!! I look forward to all of it.


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