Two Days to WriteOnCon!!!!!

Hello all, 

I’ve been away too long from the blog-o-sphere, both posting and commenting. My apologies. I hope I’m not alone in my struggles to fit in all the summer fun with the kids, working, writing, and social network/blogging.  

But with WriteOnCon starting Tuesday, like in TWO days, I’m pumped to get back into the swing. 

If you don’t already know, WriteOnCon is a free, yes free, uber awesome three day online conference for children’s book writers. There’s agents, ninja agents even, there’s opportunities to post and critique query letters and the beginnings of your manuscript(s) with other like genre-minded writers, there’s contests, live events (that can be read later at your leisure as well) with authors, agents, editors, there’s everything. Well, except a mascot. 

Oh, but wait! They do have a mascot this year. His name is Wascot and Dustin Hansen who I interviewed here on my Writer Spotlight series happens to be Wascot’s creator.  See the little guy here. Way to go, Dustin!!! 

Last year I was blown away by WriteOnCon (see last years transcripts here). The phenomenal work and amount of time these fellow writers put into the daunting task of pulling this live online event off is unbelievable. I’m so thankful in fact that I was glad to see a donate button on the right hand column of WriteOnCon's page allowing us to give a little something back to them. They so deserve it.

So be sure to register before Tuesday and read the 411 on how to navigate, post, ask questions so on. Polish your queries and opening pages, research the speakers, oh, and stock up on your favorite snacks so you won't have to move from your seat.

EEK!!! I can’t wait!!!! Hope to see you all there.

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  1. Hey, Paula.

    You are not alone! Summer's hard on blogging. But WriteOnCon may be just the pick-me-up we need!!


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