Writing in NYC Today!!

Me (left) with Kiki Hamilton at Starbucks in NYC

I'm in NYC today with my writer friend, Kiki Hamilton, author of THE FAERIE RING, which comes out in September. We are working on our wips at Starbucks and well, our blog posts, too.

Kiki, along with a group of other writers from the Class of 2K11 are in town for BEA. They will visit a number of book stores in Manahanttan as well, so if you're in town go say hi and hear more about their books. You can find the schedule of appearances here.

If you are attending BEA this week, Kiki Hamilton will be signing arcs of her book, THE FAERIE RING at table 12 at 2:30pm to 3:30pn. Lisa Desrochers, author of PERSONAL DEMONS and ORIGINAL SIN (coming out in July), will also be signing so be sure to visit.


  1. I think I'm doing more talking than writing....what about you? :-)

  2. So jealous!!! Have a great time together, which, of course, you will!
    Kiki, my best wishes for your first BEA experience. The Javits Center is vast.

  3. Hello Ladies!!! Wish I was there!! I just got Uma's book in the mail from amazon, and she has all our names in the acknowledgments. Isn't that sweet? I'm looking forward to my day trip to BEA on Tuesday. Wish I could see Paula too, but she isn't as far away as you are, Kiki. Can't WAIT!!

  4. Hi Robyn! I have the cutest sandals with heels too - I hope my feet hold up! Though I have YEARS of practice in heels. :-)

    Nandini - yes! SO excited to see you day after tomorrow!!!

  5. I so jealous too! I'd love to be with you both. How awesome that you went together. Have fun.

  6. Love this photo of the two of you. Writing in NYC?! I can but dream.

    Have a great time at BEA.


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