Pump Up and Write Now - Monday

Still in NYC with limited Internet, but having a BLAST.

Kiki and I walked EVERYWHERE yesterday after writing for two hours at Starbucks. Then we came back to the apartment and wrote and wrote while Harry Potter played in the background. Is that perfect or what?

So here's a never-give-up-pump-up-and-write fact for today. Did you know:

Starbucks was rejected by three-HUNDRED-and-fifty-something banks before they got that one, glorious yes. I shudder to think where I would be writing if they didn't persevere : )

Now, go write!!! Now!!


  1. :D Glad your having fun! :) Funny story: My dad had a friend who was living in Oregon (Washington? Somewhere up there.) and was approached by a friend to invest in a new coffee shop. He didn't.

    Yep, it was Starbucks.

  2. OMG he must be kicking himself now. If only...right?

  3. Sounds wonderful ... I'm hoping for some quality writing time on the train. Any chance you'll stay on till Tuesday, Paula?

  4. I'm glad you're having fun in NYC! It's a city I love to VISIT... though I'm always glad to come back home and be surrounded by trees instead of skyscrapers.
    It sounds like you're getting some good writing done--congratulations! :)

  5. Yes VISITING is nice. I didn't sleep well at all bcz it was SO noisy: horns, sirens, dogs barking, people yelling, "shut your f-ing dog" out their window (no it wasn't me, though I was glad he did : ) shhh).

    But we did get a ton of walking and writing in. And no Nandini, I wish I could stay until Tuesday to walk the BEA floor AND see you, but I have to work.

    Have fun!!


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