What’s next for Write Now?

As you may know, I’m in the process of re-vamping my blog. I’m adding two more weekly posts to the lineup. I know, I know, re-vamp-ing has nothing to do with the hot, new vamp-ire (sigh), Klaus, that we'll meet on Vampire Diairies later this month, but how could I resist? 

Okay, moving on . . .

Pump up and Write is where you can find a pep talk, a cheer, perhaps some applause—think quick, quirky, quips every Monday morning to begin your writing week with.

On Tuesdays I’ll continue with the Writer Spotlight series, interviewing un-agented, pre-pub’d, uber-awesome writers with manuscripts to pitch. I’m so excited about the positive response this series has received so far. Please don’t be shy. If you fit the criteria, email me. And if you’re nervous about taking that step then come by for Pump up and Write tomorrow, maybe it will change your mind. Last, if you’d like to read previous interviews scroll down and follow the link for each writer beneath the heading Writers in the Spotlight on the right side of the blog.

Wednesday’s Random Funnies (which debuted last week) will be where you’ll find a smile (should you need one) to get you up and over to Thursday.

That’s it so far folks. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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