How Many Words am I?

In honor of my birthday I've made a list of a few of my favorite words. Words I like because of how they feel in my mouth, or how they sound to my ears. Or because I just plain like how they taste.

And if you care to count them, you'll know how old I am.

Benumb - Bitumen - Blarney - Bespatter - Confabulation - Carbuncula - Cupidity - Cantankerous - Coffee - Chocolate - Fuddle - Fug - Frass - Feckless - Flibbertigibbet - Fuglemen - Frigorific - Foible - Flumoxed - Fob - Gridelin - Hornswoggled - Hoozah - Humdinger - Hodgepodge - Gadzookery - Gallimaufry - Gobblasted - Munificent - Mollycoddle - Noddy - Purfle - Piffle - Perspicuous - Plethora - Periwinkle - Skimble-skamble - Spurious - Spooney - Slumgulleon - Sparge - Scapegrace - Tremulous - Umber - Zarf


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA!!!!!! Wow! I'm so impressed that you put 50 words up for your birthday!! Brave and clever!!

    What? You're not 50? Are you older or younger? Younger than your friend Kiki you say? oh well. I think that's enough on this conversation then.

    Hope you had a fabulous day and I love all your wacky words. Wonder what you'll add next year?

  2. LOL. Thanks, Kiki, for the birthday well wishes. So how many words are you?

  3. Love your words, but who's counting ;-) Hoozah for your birthday, hope you indulged in a plethora of feckless gadzookery! Better get back to cleaning ... our company arrives tomorrow!!

  4. Hi, Paula!
    I gave you a, da-da-da-dum, award on my blog. ;)
    I hope your writing is going great!!

  5. Hi Paula,

    Happy Birthday! What a cool writerly thing to do to celebrate with your favorite words!!

    (new follower) KarenG

  6. Wow, thanks Faith. I'm embarrassed at how long it's been since I've blogged. But what better way to get back to it than to blog about the "award" you were so nice to pass along to me.

    Thanks girl! And so nice to meet you KarenG, aka Zena : )


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