Same Sunday

At a recent writer's workshop we took five minutes to write something about one of the magazine pages placed before us. Another writer also chose to write about this same picture but wrote about the woman and saw the image in a more positive way. It was interesting to see how differently we both viewed this same image. Thought I'd share what I wrote. Feel free to share your thoughts as well. What would you've written? (Sorry for the poor picture quality.)

Same Sunday:

Every Sunday is the same.
Same diner,
same booth,
same silent black and white pages staring back at me.

Egg whites on dry toast,
no sugar, no cream.

The smell of sausage, and bacon and hash
pass me by
as the waitress serves the party behind me.

As I gaze at the familiar
picture beside me,
big sky, green pasture, I wish
I was there.

But I’m here,
fingering the creamer I’d like to pour into my coffee,
just this once
to soften the bitterness.

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  1. What a fun exercise! I love reading how differently two people perceive the same thing.

    Your writing is beautiful too. I can imagine sitting there so easily (though there would be chocolate involved with the coffee).

    Maybe you should post a picture and invite people to interpret and see what different answers you get??


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