Writer Spotlight Success Story - Michael Gettel-Gilmartin

Michael Gettel-Gilmartin

In April of 2011 Michael Gettel-Gilmartin was featured in my Writer Spotlight series where he discussed his manuscript, SHAKESPEARE ON THE LAM, that he was submitting to agents at the time.

Guess what?
Ya, waaay!!
You guessed it. 

I am so excited, thrilled, beyond happy to announce:

Michael signed with an agent!!!


Look at the crowd that came by his place to celebrate : )
I'm the fourth from the left in the second, no third, well, one of the rows.

And . . . Michael signed with none other than:
(Who you can read more about on Literary Rambles - Agent Spotlight here)

The same agent who handles Matthew Kirby's books: ICEFALL, INFINITY RING, THE CLOCKWORK THREE. All of which are awesome MG reads.

Cool, right? No, AWESOME!!!! Or, as my eleven-year-old son would say, "Beast!"

No doubt the next contract Michael signs will be for the sale of his manuscript.

Here is Michael's pitch for SHAKESPEARE ON THE LAM when I interviewed him last April:
Twelve-year-old Jared Hearne, and his theater-loving older sister Athena, discover a magic orb and travel through time to rescue an imprisoned teenage Shakespeare. But Shakespeare hijacks the orb back to modern times with Jared, leaving Athena stranded in the sixteenth century. While Shakespeare dashes about, exploring his brave new world, the orb is stolen. Jared has to catch the thief or else Shakespeare will be enrolling in high school next semester. And Athena’s history.

When Michael isn't writing awesome MG tales he's blogging here The Year of Writing Dangerously, and here Project Mayhem, oh and also here Middle Gradde Mafioso.

Michael we are so excited for you - congrats - enjoy.
Eveyone be sure to stop by his blog(s) and give him a whoohoo!



  1. I'm SO excited for Michael too. Can't wait for him to announce a publishing contract.

  2. I love Michael! So happy he signed with such a killer agent!

  3. Congratulations Michael!!! I love hearing success stories! Best of luck on submission.

  4. That sounds like such a fun book! Congratulations! Way to pick 'em!!


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