Book Trailers - What They Can Do

What’s the point of a book trailer?

I’ve perused the internet blogosphere in search of answers to that very question and what I found surprised me. Seems the point has more to do with connecting and fostering a relationship with potential readers (long term) than it does with the actual sale of the one book.

Anyone in advertising or anyone who has placed an advertisement knows, a single advertisement won’t bring in business. So what can a single book trailer do? Hopefully three things:

1. Boost awareness of the author and their work(s). The trailer, besides giving a sense of what the book is about, should link the viewer to the author’s website and/or blog and NOT just to Amazon or local booksellers. Why? Because if they go to Amazon and don’t buy the book, that’s The End. But if they go to the author website or blog, they’ve now made a connection with the author. Maybe they won’t buy the book right then (maybe they will), but now they know who the living, breathing person is behind the story.

2. Why should that matter? It’s the first step in building a relationship, hopefully a long term relationship. Once on the author's page they read about this and that quirky thing about the author, then click over to read the sample first chapter. Maybe in a exchange for their email address (for future notifactioin/newsletters regarding author’s work) they can have access to the “outtakes” of the book (a chapter(s) not included, a character that was cut). For example, on Stephanie Meyer’s page she has a chapter written from Edward’s point of view. So cool. But most importantly, find a way to connect with the potential readers on a personal, human level. And, of course, for this to work the website/blog needs be kept current.

3. Last, it’s exchange time. The potential reader is aware of the author, of their book, has a relationship established with the funny (freaky, quirky, crazy, nice, clever . . . ) author with the blue hair that posted a picture of her cute baby riding an elephant in Africa on her website/blog…you get the idea. If they haven’t already bought the author’s book, next time they go to the bookstore and peruse the shelves, which book do you think will stand out most? Yup, the one that first caught their eye in the form of a book trailer.

So there it is, what some say a book trailer can do for an author. Tell me what do you think?

FINALLY, here's the book trailer for Kiki Hamilton’s, The Faerie Ring, available September 27, 2011. The book trailer was done by Madison Myer of M2 Productions. Aftter you watch Kiki's trailer be sure to go to M2 Productions link to see more amazing book trailersMadison has put together.

Last, but not least, today's giveaway (The Faerie Ring pins will go to a few lucky peeps that leave a comment). Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's very interesting, and helpful. I've often wondered about trailers--because it is true that they are rarely the factor that makes me want to buy the book. BUT often the author's blog or website will convince me.
    Seriously, though, Kiki's trailer is great. It probably would convince me to buy the book if I hadn't already wanted to!

  2. Interesting article Paula! Thanks for posting my trailer!!

  3. I really enjoyed Kiki's book trailer. To be honest, I don't check that many of them out. But you make some great points on what they can do for you.


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