Pump Up and Write Now - Monday

Good Morning all!!!
I have two things I'm excited about today.

One, Laura Stanfill is interviewing me on her blog today. Even though I ask other writers to step into the spotlight, I found it humbling, not to mention nerve wracking, to do so myself (Gah!). But it you'd like to read about my wips and learn which literary person I'm related to ; ) click here.

TWO, this is huge. JK Rowlings sent her plethora of fans on a scavenger hunt of sorts last week. If you haven't heard, WHERE have you been???!!!  Below is a charming young girl, with an English accent who very nicely and cleverly guides us through the hunt. Her excitement is contagious, as if I needed to be any more ecstatic about JK's upcoming announcement of, of . . . What? That is the mystery, isn't it? I can't quite contain myself, I don't know how I shall last the next two days. What do you think it will be? If not a book, then what? I for one cannot wait to find out. (I'm typing in an English accent, can you tell : ) If you would like to stare at the Pottermore page in hopes time will pass by more quickly click here.

Now go write!! NOW!!! : )
Or do what I did and read the series once more.


  1. I loved your interview, Paula! I didn't know your aunt and uncle represented so many authors I love. I mean--Cheaper by the Dozen! That is definitely my favorite non-fiction "kids'" book ever. (And if I ever have 12 kids of my own, your relatives are definitely partially to blame...or credit. :)

  2. What an excellent interview! I loved getting to hear more about your wips and your backstory. Fascinating! Until Death sounds excellent. I can't wait for it to get snatched up and published so I can read it!


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