Writer Spotlight Coming Soon

In recent weeks I've given a lot of thought to blogs, in particular, my own. I've soaked in articles written by agents, published authors, and successful bloggers about what and what not to blog about.

Now that there are people, like real live peeps actually visiting, not just my BFF's and my family, I REALLY want to find a way to make their/your stop here worth the time. But how? What can I do that's different?

Hmm, finger tap-tap-taps chin.

One of my all time favorite blog stops is Casey McCormick's blog, Literary Rambles. Why? I love the agent spotlights, I love the helpful tips on everything writing related, and I love that I can count on the regular posts with the unexpected thrown in with them, (and of course, I won books there, twice). So I asked myself, what can I learn from their ‘formula?’

My hands cup a mug-full-o-mocha as I stare out over my computer, deep in thought. What if . . .yeah, yeah--

What if, I interviewed unagented writers, like me? Serious writers. Writers that have a completed manuscript. A read-ready polished kick-butt manuscript that is searching for its match. That would be fun AND potentially helpful. I mean, in my small I could help another writer get their name, face, words out there, right? And who knows, right time, right person . . .It could happen. And if that happened, how cool would that be?

Okay okay, cool, I'm gonna do it, try it. But I'll need unagented serious writers. Soooooo . . .

If you are that serious writer (by which I don't mean stilted, stodgy, or stuffy) who has a completed, polished, read-ready (very important that it be finished) YA, MG, or chapter book manuscript you'd like to pitch,  AND you already have some form of online presence (blog, facebook, twitter...), and are seeking representation (no published, agented authors, please) give me a shout out.

I do have my first writer spotlight for April, Faith Elizabeth Hough, but I am looking to line up more. Depending on the response will decide how often I post a Writer Spotlight. All archived interviews will be visible on the link titled (you got it), Writer Spotlight, above. All interviews will be tweeted about and posted on my facebook wall. Anyone who wants to help their fellow writers, feel free to blog about the Writer Spotlights to help spread the word and get as many eyes on as possible.

Please email me at paulakaymac at comcast dot net if you are interested in being featured. The interview questions will focus not only on your manuscript, but on you, and most importantly, spotlight your writing style by having you answer questions in the voice of your main character(s), fun quirky, character revealing questions (and I'm open to suggestions, too).

I'm excited to see where (hopefully somewhere) this goes. I have more new fun stuff coming that I will add over the next few months.

Stay cyber-tuned.


  1. I think this sounds like an excellent idea, Paula! It's always fun to read new writing and it could be a great forum for writers-seeking-publication to meet each other. Can't wait to read your first post!

  2. Great idea Paula! I don't think my books are quite read-ready enough yet but when they ARE...

  3. Thanks Kiki. Yes, if nothing else, a great place to meet.

    Kathryn, good luck with your wip and email me when you;re done!!

  4. I feel so honored to be your first spotlight! :) And I can't wait to meet other aspiring authors here. This is a great idea!

  5. Great idea Paula. I look forward t reading them and I'll e-mail you to be interviewed when I feel ready. I'm not quite there yet.

  6. Hey! My favorite number is five too!


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