Book Trailers

Since I've already blogged about the rave reviews Cindy Pon's debut novel SILVER PHOENIX has received I thought I'd talk about book trailers.

This is a new concept for me, though maybe not for all of you cyber savvy writers and readers out there. A book trailer is just like a movie trailer. A video of music, images, and a blurb so enticing you know you just have to read it.

If you want to see an amazing example, follow the link here to view the trailer for SILVER PHOENIX.

If you want to learn more about Cindy, and find out how to win one of her beautiful brush art paintings (which will be in a PB coming out, I believe, next year) or a signed copy of her debut book, visit her blog here.

So what do you all think of this new way to advertise? Me, I think it is brilliant.



  1. I think that book trailers are an awesome idea when they are done well. I've seen really good ones and I've seen ones that turn me away from the book because they look so amateurish. Overall, though, it's definitely a tool that I plan on using, if I can do it well!

  2. Cindy's trailer makes me want to read the book AND see the movie! :-) But I agree with Faith, if they are done well, a trailer can be very powerful. Can't wait to see the trailer for Sydney!

  3. Yes, I read an article in one of our trade mags after I posted this about book trailers, and saw that some author's trailers are more humilaiting than anything else. I won't mention names, but there were some well known ones. Yikes.

    I guess, like anything, be selective on what you post in cyberspace.

    Thanks for your comments.


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