SCBWI Nashua Conference, April 2008

Meeting old friends for the first time.
Besides attending many informative lectures I meet Nandini (on the left.) We are both taking an amazing online manuscript class through with Uma Krishnaswami. Others who were faceless cyber-writer-friends prior to today now how a face.


  1. Hi Paula,
    Thanks so much for sending the picture and visiting my blog! Kids are back at school, so I'm just starting to catch up with e-mail.

  2. Paula, finally, I made it to your blog. Have to bookmark it. And I love the pic. I hope I also get to meet one or several of you all, some day.

  3. Great pic, gals! Isn't it wonderful to meet in person? Hope our paths cross someday too.

  4. Hey, Paula. I'm tagging you for a meme game. Check my blog for the rules.


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