Lucky 7

Laura Stanfill tagged me for the fun Lucky 7 Meme going around the blog-sphere. It looked like fun so I thought - why not!!

The rules - Open current novel-in-progress and:
  1. Go to page 77.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs as they are written.
  4. Tag 7 new authors.
So here goes. My seven-ish lines from my YA paranormal, UNTIL DEATH:
Emma stops fidgeting and meets Dr. Abrams pointed gaze with anger of her own. “Because, I could care less about her.”
“Sounds like you do-oo,” Marta sing-songs. Who is this chick, poster girl for most irritating teen?
“Be quiet, Marta!” Emma snaps. “Like I said, Audrey is my legal guardian, that’s it.”
“Do you want her to be more?” Dr. Abrams asks.
Emma narrows her eyes and spins the ring on her middle finger. “Audrey gave my dad a choice when she got pregnant: her or me. He chose me. She walked away. Any mother who could do that isn’t one I want in my life. So no, I don’t want anything from her except her guardianship which allows me to stay in the only home I’ve ever known.” 
And now it's time for me to tag seven writer friends and get a chance to read their Lucky 7!! Who better to tag but some Writer Spotlight peeps (among others).  Hey guys (waving).

Faith Hough
Kiki Hamilton (author of The Faerie Ring who's working on sequels. Give us a peek Kiki
Melody Valadez
Dustin Hansen
Dianne Gardner (who, btw just signed with Hydra Publications, WHOOHOO!! Congrats! More on that soon)
Nandini Bajpai
Betsy Devany


  1. :D This is epic! :) Love it! Your lines are curious and I really want to read more. I'll schedule this for Monday's blog since I don't blog Fridays! :)

  2. Great lines, Paula. This is fun!

    I put mine up but maybe you can give me pointers on how to tag...??

  3. I loved this. Emma has such a great voice! Thanks for tagging me!


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