Author Interview and Book Giveaway: THE FAERIE RING, by Kiki Hamilton

Happy Release Day!!! THE FAERIE RING, by Kiki Hamilton now available. Do not miss this must read YA historical fantasy. I'll be giving away a copy to one lucky winner, see below. If you want to increase your chances, visit Literary Rambles and Mundie Moms for more chances to win this fabulous book.

THE FAERIE RING is Kiki's debut novel. Her interest in writing began after reading the first few HARRY POTTER books. Once she started writing, she was hooked. Which brings us to her debut.

Kiki Hamilton

 Kiki, can you give us a twitter length pitch of THE FAERIE RING?

Victorian London – a pickpocket steals the Queen’s ring, only to find it is a reservoir that holds a truce between the British court and the world of Faerie, and everyone wants the ring back. 

THE FAERIE RING is set in 1871 London. Did you start with setting, character, or plot?

I knew my setting was Victorian London and I started with my character, Tiki, who is an orphan who picks pockets to survive. Later, I picked the year 1871 because that is the year one of my characters who existed in real life, Prince Leopold, Queen Victoria’s youngest son, is 18.

In THE FAERIE RING we get a peek into Buckingham Palace, life in Charring Cross, local pubs, and other homes and landmarks of the time, some that still exist today. How were you able to write about these places with such authenticity?

Well, the Internet is an amazing thing. When I wrote THE FAERIE RING I had never been to London and really knew very little about the City. It was actually very fortuitous that I set Tiki living in Charing Cross, which is the true heart of London and the center point from which all distances are measured, even to this day. Aside from the Internet, I read books and used my imagination. It was all very clear in my head.

When Tiki stole the ring, I really felt as if I saw the palace through her eyes.

Thank you. I did do quite a bit of research as I work on editorial revisions and had a chance to visit London. While there, I walked in my character’s footsteps (which was so amazing and surreal!) from Charing Cross to St. James Park to Buckingham Palace, which added greatly to my ability to add details to the setting.

The romance is wonderfully done as is the pacing. Any suggestions for the rest of us on pacing?

Get a good editor. LOL (Editor Susan Chang at Tor Teen)

Well, really, I just try to make each chapter pertinent to the overreaching arc of the story and have each scene move the story forward. How did you figure out how much to reveal and when? That’s kind of a tough question to answer. A lot of it has to do with the way you choose to tell the story – who your main character is, who’s point of view the story is being told from etc. But I think most important is that every scene, every bit of dialogue needs to be there for a reason that is important to fully tell the story.

The ring is AWESOME!! I want one. Tell us a bit about the ring and how you came up with the idea and the visual?

So much of it just sort of fell out of my head and onto the page, it’s hard to remember now. I think Tiki had already stolen the Queen’s ring and I was trying to decide what happened next when I looked down at my wedding ring, which has diamonds in it, and they glittered like there was a fire burning in their depths and in a heartbeat I knew the true story of the Queen’s ring.

How many books are there in THE FAERIE RING series?

I’m not totally sure. The second is written and there will definitely be a third. From there, I’ll have to wait and see.

I like to close an interview with something fun so here's the last question. How do you think your fifteen year old daughter would describe you?

LOL, who knows? I’m going to go ask her…..*leaves the room*…. I’m back. Here’s what she said: *snort* “Insane.” *long pause* “No, no , no – understanding, lovable…..definitely unique. Funny.” *another snort* “Definitely smart and sarcastic. Easy to talk to and fun. How’s that?” *more snorting*

Thanks Kiki for coming by today and congrats!

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  2. Great interview Paula! Wow there is so much that excites me about this book, first being the setting which is close to my heart, not to mention the mystery and intrigue.


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  5. Hello there you two!! This is so cool, Paula. Kiki's book launch, on your blog :) Makes me happy just to be here. All things feel possible today. (And, yes please, I'd love a copy of TFR. Not that I don't already own a couple, but I can think a few more people to give it to!)

  6. Kiki,

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  7. I'm very excited to read this, since I only saw drafts! Congrats to Kiki for the book, and Paula for the great interview.

    You inspire me to get back to writing...after I'm done with school :)

  8. I'm so jealous that you got to walk your character's footsteps! Ah, someday... :) Count me in for the drawing, Paula! This sounds right up my alley! :)

  9. Fantastic interview! Kiki is amazing. She's given me some heart-felt support, and I hope TFR has great success. Great job both of you! Thanks for the interview, Paula. Go Kiki! Congrats!

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  12. Terrific interview! I love learning more about authors and their books. I've been dying to read this book for so long, and if I'd had the money to pre-order it or buy it yesterday, I would have. So far, I've had to live vicariously through other people raving about it lol.

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  21. Great interview. I love what Kiki said about her daughter. I can imagine what my daughter would say about me.

    I loved Kiki's book and am giving away an ARC at Literary Rambles so give your book to someone else.

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